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North coast of Sfax Mediterranean Sea HNA Artificial neural network analysis Marine Biology Planktonic ciliate Antarctic Polar Frontal Zone Classification Phycobilisomes Biological systems Autotrophic microbial assemblage Nutrients Phytoplankton LIMITATION Synechococcus Southern Ocean Freshwater phytoplankton composition GFP CONSTRUCTION Solar saltern Fosmid library Photoacclimation ESCHERICHIA-COLI Poisson regression BACTERIAL COMMUNITIES Cyanobacteria Eastern Mediterranean Sea Functional data analysis Keywords Picoplankton Fast repetition rate fluorometry Fosmid end sequences NADS Light stress Source-receptor model Ross Sea MYCOBACTERIUM-TUBERCULOSIS Bacteria Microbiology Compensation Marine cyanobacteria Biogeochemistry CHROMOSOMAL GENES SURFACE Filaments Molecular ecology Pigment content SUSCEPTIBILITY Fine-scale Microorganism monitoring DISTRIBUTIONS Heterotrophic bacteria Photosynthesis Southwest Atlantic Ocean off Brazil Nanoplankton Flow cytometry FLOW-CYTOMETRY Marine microorganisms Bay of Marseille Automated flow cytometry High frequency AQUATIC ECOSYSTEMS Front Fluorescence Primary production Multispectral detection Sorting Chlamys farreri In situ growth rates Quantitative BACTERIOPHAGES Coastal waters Multispectral and hyperspectral flow cytometry Gulf of Gabes HPLC PHOSPHORUS Clustering BACTERIOPLANKTON GROWTH NUCLEIC-ACID CONTENT Prochlorococcus Phyto- plankton analyses Plankton δ13C δ15N size classes flow cytometry Cell sorting Cultivable method Chl a specific absorption coefficient Seamount Iron Hypertrophic lake PHYTOPLANKTON Archaea Heterotrophic prokaryote Multivariate statistics North and south coasts of Sfax REPORTER PHAGE Berre lagoon Flow cytometry cell sorting LNA Halophiles Geographical origin Choanoflagellates CN ratio




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