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PPM Publications

[halshs-03388958] Preliminary results of the wood analyses of the Roman vessels of Caska, island of Pag, Croatia

Two assemblages compose the scuttled Roman vessels discovered in Caska inlet (Pag Island, Croatia): three sewn boats (Caska 1, 3 and 4) and one mortise-and-tenon constructed ship (Caska 2). While the wood species used for the construction of the sewn boats are quite similar (beech trunks split radially for planking), the construction of Caska 2 shows greater heterogeneity and more common use of conifer species for planking. The systematic identification of the wood species, the analysis of the morphological characteristics and the tree-ring dating of a large number of ship's components provide new insight into ancient Adriatic shipbuilding traditions.

[halshs-03388945] An overview of three decades of dendrochronology applied to ancient Mediterranean shipwrecks in southeastern France


[hal-03385417] Encore un Corylophidae nouveau pour la faune de France : Clypastraea orientalis (Reitter, 1877) dans le massif des Maures (Coleoptera Corylophidae)