, The large subunit (purple) contains the [NiFe] cluster. H 2 accesses to or escapes from the active site through hydrophobic gas channels. The electrons are transferred to or from the active site via a chain made of three FeS clusters in the small subunit (cyan). The proximal and distal clusters are [4Fe4S] clusters, and the medial cluster is a [3Fe4S] cluster. B, putative catalytic cycle involving states (NiSI, NiR, and NiC) observed by spectroscopy under non-catalytic conditions. FIGURE 2. A, location of Thr-18 S in the crystal structure of WT D. fructosovorans [NiFe]-hydrogenase in the unready NiA/NiSU state (41). B, protein sequence alignment showing that Thr-18 S

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