=. Ex, Nominalization 1: isolation Patient: P. temperata def Nominalization 2: importance Agent: specific amino acids involved in [..] process Circumstance: {during} growth in [..] host Nominalization 3: translation Nominalization 4: growth Circumstance: {in} the insect host Verb 1: reflect (verb.seq: may reflect)(A) Agent: isolation of P.temperata def Patient: the importance of specific [..] process Verb 2: involved (verb.seq: involved)(P) Patient: specific amino acids Patient: {in} the translation process ======================================================= Ex.2: We propose that aberrant interaction of mutant huntingtin with other proteins may influence disease progression Nominalization 1: interaction Agent A: mutant huntingtin Agent B: other proteins Nominalization 2: progression Patient: disease Verb 1: propose (verb.seq: propose) (A) Agent: we That clause: that aberrant interaction [..] progression Verb 2: influence (verb.seq: may influence) (A) Agent: aberrant interaction of [..] proteins Patient: disease progression ======================================================= Adaptation to BioNLP 2011 Shared Tasks BioNLP 2011 Tasks aimed at fine-grained information extraction (IE) in the domain of biomolecular event extraction For example, from the sentence PmrB is required for activation of PmrA in response to mild acid pH, E1 and E2) must be extracted: E1:Pos-regulation;activation;Theme:PmrA E2:Pos-reg[..];required, p.1, 2011.

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