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C. Marchand, E. Lallier-vergès, and F. Baltzer, 119-130 WS DS WS DS This work has been supported by the Programme Biodiversité Marine of the Direction de l'Environnement Biplot of PCA of enzyme and catabolic activities, and functional diversities of soils Symbols depict means (n = 5) with standard deviations (in brackets) on PC1 and PC2 Vector scale: x3; H': Shannon's diversity index; MR: microbial respiration; FDA: fluorescein diacetate hydrolase; ?-glu: ?-glucosidase; Lip: lipase; AcP: acid phosphomonoesterase; Ure: urease; ArylS: arylsulphatase Biplot of PCA of catabolic profiles of soils performed on 27 substrates Symbols depict means (WS: n = 10, DS: n = 15) with standard deviations (in brackets) on PC1 and PC2 Vector scale: x3; only the most driving variables are depicted; B3: D-galacturonic acid; C1: tween 40; D1: tween 80; E1: ?-cyclodextrin; E4: L-threonine; F1: glycogen; H4: putrescine Microbial respiration and lipase and ?-glucosidase activities of soils Bars depict means (n = 5) with standard deviations (in brackets) For each season, Aménagement et du Logement (DEAL) from French Guiana, and by the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) from France bars within a graph followed by the same letters or numbers do not differ significantly from each other at P < 0.05 (one-way ANOVA, test of multiple comparisons of Tukey). U: µmole hydrolyzed substrate, p.1, 2003.