, We let the samples for 5 min to allow sample to homogenize at room temperature and they are always kept on ice after that

, We use the Nanodrop1000 but alternative options exist to measure the concentration of RNA like the Qubit3

, This procedure should only be used if you do not do DNAse I column treatment (see Note 8)

, The ratio of skipping could be calculated by quantifying the ratio of integrated density (obtained via ImageJ software) of the skipped band versus skipped + unskipped bands

, 2-mercaptoethanol needs to be manipulated under a chemical hood according to your laboratory regulations

, Hamlet antibody is a mouse monoclonal IgG1 serotype directed against a synthetic peptide: exon 53 (1999-2016) of human dysferlin

, The exon 32 deleted dysferlin band is shorter (26 amino acid less) than the wild type form of dysferlin

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